18 Jun

Episode #008: Daniel Butler –  Pathways To Love…It All Starts With You!

Dan Butler 0 Podcast

Dan ButlerThis week I present a few strategies to for a ‘baseline’ understanding for what we are after here at Love F’ing Works…a life You’ll LOVE!

I take a quick look at some strategies that you can implement immediately with results in days and ask you to challenge yourself.

The Key to life is ‘flow’ and one of the keys to ‘flow’ is taking care of you.

I take a look at the importance of proper hydration, proper nutrition and mindset to move towards that life of your dreams.

As always if you have any questions or comments, or if there is any way i can provide value to your life please connect with me at: dan@LoveFingWorks.com or on our Facebook page at:

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