22 Apr

Episode #002: Ed Rush – Ready? Fire! Aim and De-bunking Tina Turner.

Dan Butler 0 Podcast

ed11Ed Rush is a speaker, and author, and a former fighter pilot in the United States Marine Corps. A decorated F-18 pilot, Ed once served as the one of the country’s leading instructors on aerial dog fighting, and recently worked as a key player in the development of the new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.
After 2 combat tours to Iraq, he left full-time active duty with the Marines to spend more time with his family and work on his business. He now has not 1, but 4 business, works almost completely from home, and has achieved all of this despite possessing a below average intelligence (case in point: Ed failed at his first attempt at Kindergarten).
Ed is the author of the book Fighter Pilot Performance for Business and is a co-star in the movie The Opus starring Joe Vitale, Debbie Allen and Chicken Soup for the Soul co-creators Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.
Ed and Dan talk about the culture of ‘weenies raising and culture or weenies’, fighting for your Self and others, and Debunking Tina Turner. Whats Love got to do with it!